Research becomes innovation: AGRIOT LAB technology transfer initiative gives birth to TESSA

This press release (in Italian) talks about a “research product that comes from a strong FBK focus on the technological evolutions of agriculture 4.0 and on the possibilities opened by artificial intelligence in this sector.” 

This is the natural evolution of the FBK AGRIOT LAB technology transfer initiative into the creation of a startup named TESSA, that “develops innovative products and services for precision agriculture, applying the results of research and experimentation of IoT technologies to the agricultural sector. The solution is based on the use of battery-powered wireless sensors for collecting data from the field in a timely manner and with high granularity. The data collected feed the ultra-local forecast models which, based on predictive algorithms (AI) help determine the future evolution of crop conditions, providing important support to agronomists and farmers in making the best decisions. TESSA aims to help farmers in their daily practices and support them in shaping the future of agriculture, making it more sustainable through better controlled yields, quality and reduced waste in treatments while preserving natural resources such as water for irrigation.

L’intelligenza artificiale in agricoltura: dalla ricerca all’innovazione con la nascita della startup Tessa

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